The Climate Change Agenda Is Key to the Implementation of The Great Reset

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(America First Report) – Human-caused climate change is the globalist vehicle driving policies of limited mobility, energy control, dietary restrictions, and crackdowns on free society.

Great Resetters Klaus Schwab and King Charles III seized on the fear propagated by the “COVID pandemic” to implement their long-planned agenda. And the vehicle to achieve their “build back better,” a new social and economic order, is “climate change.”

How Climate Change Policies Are Fuelling the Great Reset Agenda

By Tim Hinchliffe

When World Economic Forum (“WEF”) founder Klaus Schwab and Britain’s King Charles declared that it was time for a great reset three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, it had little to do with fighting a coronavirus.

Instead, they called the pandemic a “narrow window” and a “shrinking, golden opportunity” to seize the moment when people were most afraid and vulnerable to thrust upon them their long-planned agenda of a golden age out of the destruction of the old – to build back better – as they say.

And although the coronavirus was the catalyst to set the great reset agenda in motion, the vehicle by which they would achieve their social and economic order out of chaos was…

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