The Great Reject—Mass Defiance Can Defeat the Great Reset

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(TownHall.ComThis is an excerpt adapted from "The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown," released on August 30.

Former Czech president Václav Klaus, who lived under communism most of his life, compared the dystopian locked-down world of the past few years to the old Soviet system and offered advice on how to fight to regain freedom. “The communist system really wanted to separate us.It was not called socially distancing, but practically it was the same idea and the same logic. Not to let us go together and to talk to and potentially to prepare a revolution to destroy communism,” Klaus explained in the Planet Lockdown documentary. “People should oppose all kinds of government restrictions. This is the only—the only lesson which we have learned from the history and especially which we have learned from our communist era.”
But if we don’t resist it, the Great Reset could soon be unstoppable: limited holidays; restricted weddings; reduced family celebrations; regulated live music; restrictions on live sports, nights out, cinema, and theatre; no bustling bars; and no buzzing restaurants. The COVID lockdowns werejust a practice run. This time, the elites’ tyranny over every aspect of ourlives—and our enslavement to them—will be permanent.
In the post-COVID world, the agenda of the Great Reset is advancing unfettered in the halls of governments around the globe. The greatest challenge in battling the Great Reset is that much of the sinister agenda is hidden from public view, coursing through the veins of obscure policy mandates and arcane banking and financial regulations, hiding in plain sight from a clueless public…
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