The Truth About “Net Zero” – A Diabolical Agenda Sold as a Saviour Formula!

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(Julian Rose, Activist Post) ‘Net Zero’, what does it mean? Does anyone know? Who dreamt up this slogan?

Put together, these two words don’t actually have any meaning. ‘Net’ is usually used as a shortened form of ‘netto’ (netto/brutto) a term used in accountancy describing a sum of money remaining after taxes or expenses have been deducted.

So what could ‘Net Zero’ possibly mean? That nothing will be left once zero carbon has been achieved?

The term seems to ape, no doubt for good reason, the one chosen to describe the blackened hole in the ground left after the devastation of 9/11: Ground Zero.

Look at it this way: by reducing carbon dioxide to nil (zero carbon) all plant life dependent for its growth on this natural gas will die. By extension, all humans and animals dependent upon the oxygen that plants produce, via the conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen, will also die. Basic biology reveals that is indeed the case.

So what the inventors of ‘Net Zero’ seem to be suggesting is…

The Truth About “Net Zero” – A Diabolical Agenda Sold as a Saviour Formula – Activist Post