They’re Dumb Enough to Announce This During a Heat-Wave???

(Never underestimate the stooopidity of those who seek to rule over us. It’s like they are intent on making the Southern US uninhabitable – DD)

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Biden’s new crackdown on another appliance will be worse than gas stoves

It’s not just stoves, Biden is going after AIR CONDITIONERS and other home appliances

(FOX) – We have seen a big consumer backlash in 2023 over Biden administration bureaucrats targeting gas stoves, but that could pale in comparison to the coming anger over costly air conditioning regulations.

In fact, that has already begun, making this unusually hot summer even more unpleasant for homeowners needing air conditioner repairs. And things could get downright ugly starting next summer.

The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) just announced a 40% production cut in 2024 for hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), the widely used class of refrigerants being targeted for their claimed contribution to climate change. As it is, the modest 10% cut in force today has already caused many HFCs to triple in price, including HFC-410a which is used in most home air conditioners.

As a result, replacing refrigerant lost from a leak has cost millions of homeowners at least $150-$200 more than it used to. But next summer, stricter production quotas will be in effect, likely sending refrigerant costs through the roof — and repair costs with them…

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