UN Chief Says You ‘Plebs in Cars’ Are the Enemy

(Hello NWO! Notice how he used the exact term from ‘1984’? Once more, their ARROGANCE is on display. They no longer feel the need to hide it. – DD)

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U.N. Climate Talks Chief: World Must ‘Attack All Emissions, Everywhere’ (Especially Plebs with Cars)

(Breitbart) – The head of this year’s United Nations’ climate talks called Thursday for governments and businesses to tackle global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all regions and sectors if they want to stop the planet from passing a key temperature limit agreed on more than seven years ago.

Sultan al-Jaber of the United Arab Emirates, who also heads one of the country’s state oil companies, told senior officials from Europe, Canada and China gathered in Brussels that record-breaking heat seen in parts of the world recently shows the need for urgent action to curb emissions.

Laying out his strategy for the upcoming COP28 global climate talks in Dubai this fall, al-Jaber said that leaders “must be brutally honest” about what has caused the sharp rise in temperatures since preindustrial times and how to stop them from climbing further.

While many fossil fuel companies have pledged to…

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