‘Useful Idiots’ Promote the Climate Scare by Supporting ‘Carbon Capture and Storage’

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(America Out Loud) I would never have anticipated that I would actually agree with the Huffington Post on anything they write about climate change. But, when it comes to the serious dangers of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) on a massive scale from industrial activities and storing it underground, I have to agree with them. It is far too dangerous.

Suffice it to say for now that leakage of CO2 from pipelines is a serious threat that sickened dozens of people in the infamous 2020 Satartia, Mississippi, CO2 pipeline rupture. And that was minor in comparison with the natural CO2 leak from Lake Nyos in northwestern Cameroon that killed 1,746 people and 3,500 livestock in 1986. That CO2 eruption triggered the sudden release of hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2, suffocating people and livestock within 16 miles of the lake. Risking lives by intentionally capturing and compressing CO2 and piping it hundreds of miles before pumping it underground in the hopes that it never leaks is irresponsible in the extreme.

Large-scale CO2 capture and storage is also insane from an economic and engineering perspective.

If there is one thing U.S. Republicans have in common with their Conservative Party of Canada counterparts, it is the politically expedient but naïve hope that so-called “carbon capture and storage” (CCS) is the right solution to climate change. “Technology, not taxes” is their battle cry. Rather than simply explaining that there is no need to invest in any technology to reduce CO2 emissions since the gas is not a pollutant and is clearly not causing a climate crisis, they support the climate scare by advocating we capture emissions and store them underground. Much like the Soviets labeling our naïve peace activists as “useful idiots” during the Cold War, conservatives who promote CCS are the climate war’s useful idiots.

Useful idiots in the climate arena abound. For example, consider the…

‘Useful Idiots’ Promote the Climate Scare by Supporting ‘Carbon Capture and Storage’ – America Out Loud