Why we should all be anti-scientists

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(Climate Scepticism) – It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was on here pouring scorn upon the efforts of two psychology professors who were claiming to know how hapless folk such as you and I could fall into the trap of disbelieving the scientists. Theirs was a counsel that supposedly had two major benefits: By following their advice others could avoid the same ‘anti-science’ trap and, even better, they would be ready and prepared to deal with those who had. Like bedbugs, the anti-scientific are deemed a growing problem, but these two psychologists also have a serious pesticide. Or so they say.

Such academics can only think that way because they presume for themselves an understanding of the science that is superior to the sceptic. As far as they are concerned, sceptics had the option of thinking things through carefully, but chose instead to reject scientific authority and replace it with their own sloppy version of thinking. Trust in science is very much seen as the hallmark of the critical thinker; they see no room in the critical thinker’s armoury for re-evaluating the significance of scientific consensus.

And why does all of this matter? It’s because such ‘anti-scientism’ can lead to all sorts of dangerous perspectives, such as those held by people who insist on vaccines being properly tested, or that the risks of net zero should be properly thought through. Or maybe you are one of those people who even doubt the need for a…

It’s That Man Again – Climate Scepticism