Wind Turbines Are Burning, Collapsing in Green Energy Setback

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(Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge) No one’s been killed or injured — yet — but a rash of wind turbine failures is jarring a key cornerstone of the green energy movement, according to a new Bloomberg report. 

The unwelcome trend of malfunctions — which includes both breakdowns and total structural collapses — is being witnessed in the United States and Europe alike. As this rare 2008 video of a collapse indicates, the phenomenon isn’t brand new, but insiders say the frequency is spiking. 

 Perhaps most disturbingly, recently-manufactured windmills are among latest string of casualties. “We’re seeing these failures happening in a shorter time frame on the newer turbines, and that’s quite concerning,” Fraser McLachlan, CEO of GCube Underwriting Ltd tells Bloomberg. 

Last summer, a GE turbine that had been installed less than a year earlier buckled in half. Within a week, the same model notched another failure in…

Wind Turbines Are Burning, Collapsing in Green Energy Setback | ZeroHedge