11 More Cases of Defensive Gun Use Show Second Amendment Isn’t About Deer in Kevlar Vests

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(Daily Signal) President Joe Biden’s most recent speech on gun control showed, once again, that he has little respect for gun owners or the Second Amendment. Consider, for example, where Biden mocked (and not for the first time) gun owners as being afraid of “deer in Kevlar vests” simply because they want to defend themselves and their families with the same guns that law enforcement officers use to protect the president and his family.
It was just one unserious moment among many in a completely unserious speech in which Biden also reminded gun owners that they should just comply with gun control because, after all, he could just carpet-bomb them into submission.
Unfortunately, the president never will be able to talk seriously about the Second Amendment until he understands one fundamental reality about the right to keep and bear arms—it is not about hunting or sport shooting.
It’s about the natural right of self-defense…Read the rest