#2A – Insuring for CCW

I’m sick of milquetoast preachers who infer that you shouldn’t carry because it demonstrates a lack of faith. Yes, I carry. And Yes, I follow Jesus. Why do I carry as a Christian? Because Meek Don’t Mean Weak – DD)

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Concealed Carry Insurance Providers Witness a Boom as More Americans Choose to Bear Arms

(Epoch Times) Concealed carry insurance providers have witnessed a boom across the United States over the past few years.
The insurers have noticed unprecedented growth in applications, amid rising crime rates and a failure to stop criminals since the “Defund the Police” movement took hold in 2020, has driven more Americans to buy firearms for self-defense.
The latest Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision forced blue states with draconian gun laws to loosen strict restrictions on who can carry in public, leading to a surge in the market in blue states.
Even a left-wing state like Massachusetts, with historically low firearm ownership, have seen gun sales shoot up since 2020, according to Fox News.
Concealed carry holders must obtain insurance, in case they end up using their weapons and eventually facing legal fees due to criminal accusations or civil suits…Read the rest