Define Irony: The AR15

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Let me get this straight. A bipartisan mob of senators wants to require that an Amurican Citzen be 21 years old to buy a functioning semi-auto version of the non-functioning piece of crap they shoved in my hands when I was 17????
Don’t misunderstand me. The modern AR variants are wonderful and dependable weapons. The junk me and my peers were issued had a lot of growing up to do, but it did. Fortunately a lot of us managed to also. Thank God Vietnam was over when I did my time.
I was 54 years old before I shot another AR variant and realized how far the platform had come. Now I love AR’s.
But, I hated the old A1 black plastic clunker with a passion. The A1 I drew rattled like BBs in a tin can and I busted the supposedly indestructible nylon stock off the thing once on the bayonet course. It was hell to keep clean in the field, we called it the Jam-O-Matic.
At first chance, I shucked it for the much heavier M-60 and an equally reliable Ithaca 1911. Curiously, my final issue weapon courtesy of the Guvmint was an uber-antigue Model 1897 Winchester Pump Shotgun. The old trench broom never failed to function.
I know a poop-load of people would disagree. But thats my 2 cents worth about the old A1.