Feral Hogs: Why They’re a Problem and The Only Way to Solve It

(Feral hogs are a plague around my place. There is and endless supply and the damage they can do is amazing. My neighbor left for the weekend recently and came home to a yard looking like someone had taken a turning plow to it. And if you happen to get between a sow and her many piglets… Forget gators, bears, snakes, big cats, it’s the hogs that are the most dangerous animal in the South. – DD)

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(The Organic Prepper) – I recently wrote an article about animal invasion, and many, many of you pointed out the problem of feral hogs in the comments (yes, we read the comments), which I left out from the original article.

One reader was kind enough to reach out to me and provide a recent report on the damage they cause, so I decided to dig deeper into this feral hog conundrum.

Feral hogs are actually one of the biggest animal threats to…everything, really. Not only do they present a danger to crops, flora and fauna, people, and the economy, but they’re causing damage to all those aspects of life right now as you’re reading this sentence.

How does it happen, though, and what can you do to protect yourself and your property? Those are the questions I’ll be answering today.

Why are feral hogs a problem?

Feral hogs are omnivorous, opportunistic animals, and it’s presumed that every single state has at least one large group of feral pigs at this point. Some states have millions of hogs, which make up thousands of groups…

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