FireArm Friday: Gone Full Hollywood, McConaughey Is Coming for Your Guns

(Hollyweird! They just can’t be content to be rich and successful. They must always give in to arrogance and overestimate their importance to the world. What makes an actor think anyone actually gives a shite what his opinion is? What leads him to believe his opinion is any better than yours? Is it because he has a publicist that encourages him to say and do stupid things? After all, gun control has worked so well out in Kalifornia – DD)

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Matthew McConaughey Wants To Change The Term ‘Gun Control’ To Pass More Gun Control

(Daily Wire) – Actor Matthew McConaughey said during an interview over the weekend that he thinks that gun control activists should use the term “gun responsibility” instead of “gun control” in order to win support from Second Amendment advocates.

McConaughey, who was vocal in advocating for change after the Uvalde, Texas, shooting, made the remarks during an interview on ABC News’ “This Week” with Jonathan Karl.

McConaughey announced his new Green Lights Grant Initiative that he founded with his wife Camilla to help schools access federal grant money for safety and security.

He said that despite Congress passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) last year, which approved funding for mental health services and school security in response to the Uvalde shooting, the money has not gone out to the schools.

He said that 12 schools in the area had applied for the funding but none had received it…

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