FIREARM FRIDAY: How Gun Control Groups Network and Rake In Their Dough

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(Capital Research Center) Dozens of gun control advocacy groups are active in the United States, and detailed financial information is available on at least 50. This includes groups organized as 501(c)(3) charities, 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations, and 527 political action committees. A financial analysis of these 50 groups reveals that during the two-year period covering 2019–2020, about $153 million flowed into 501(c)(3)s, about $149 million flowed into 501(c)(4)s, and about $49.1 million flowed into 527s.

While these numbers give a rough indication of how much “gun control money” is out there, they cannot simply be added together to obtain a precise grand total because affiliated groups can and do contribute to one another in any given year, which raises the risk of double counting.

Still, these figures do suggest two interesting additional data points. First, just five groups dominate the nonprofit gun control advocacy landscape from a financial standpoint. Second, 501(c)(3) charities are key funding conduits for activism, even on a thoroughly political issue like gun control…

The Landscape of Gun Control Advocacy -Capital Research Center