FireArm Friday: Liberals Call for Civil War Over Guns and Judges

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(Red State) When a recent mass shooting took place on the campus of Michigan State University, leaving three dead, there were only two directions for the public discourse to go. Either we’d find out the shooter was white, therefore sparking a discussion on white supremacy (regardless of the person’s motive), or we’d find out the person wasn’t white, therefore sparking a discussion on guns.

Sure enough, police released surveillance footage of the shooter within hours, and it became obvious how things were going to go. The shooter’s background and motive were no longer relevant. All that mattered was the gun, a narrative push quickly adopted by everyone from MSNBC hosts to The President of the United States, the latter of which confusingly brought up “assault weapons” that hold “50, 70 bullets” in response to a shooting done with a handgun.

Facts don’t matter, though. All that matters is setting off another moral panic, and now liberals are calling for a new civil war over guns and judges…

Liberals Call for Civil War Over Guns and Judges, but I Don’t Think They’ve Thought It Through – RedState