FireArm Friday: Mexico Smears U.S. Firearm Manufacturers at U.N. Forum

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(Larry Keane, NSSF) Mexico must believe that its lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and firearm retailers are on legal life support. The country is now turning to the United Nations’ Ninth Conference of States Parties (CSP9) to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to spread outrageous and false allegations about the American firearm industry.

Francisca Elizabeth Mendez Escobar, the Permanent Representative of Mexico to the United Nations Office at Geneva, addressed the U.N. ATT conference. That’s the U.N.’s effort to control the international arms trade to ensure arms aren’t falling into the hands of criminal warlords, terrorist organizations and separatist groups looking to overthrow governments.

U.N. Failure
The track record of this treaty is dismal. Take for instance the Taliban, which benefitted by seizing all the small arms left when President Joe Biden ordered the hasty withdrawal of U.S. forces, leaving behind $7 billion in arms equipment, including more than 250,000 automatic rifles, 95 drones and more than a million mortar rounds that require little training to use. That’s not to mention the 35 ongoing armed conflicts in Africa, 21 Asian armed conflicts, seven in Europe and six in Latin America. Just last week, the United States intercepted 2,000 Iranian rifles destined for Yemen, which is languishing from an ongoing civil war.

To listen to Mexico, the illicit international arms market is not just the fault of U.S.-based firearm manufacturers. They allege it is the very product of these…

Mexico Smears U.S. Firearm Manufacturers at U.N. Forum • NSSF