FireArm Friday: Pocket Pistols

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(Dixie Drudge) Pocket carry is one of the most popular ways of self-protection available today. Gone are the days of the mini-22 and the “mouse-gun.” There are many models of pistol available with capacity and dependable ammunition unavailable just a few years ago.

Why pocket carry? Comfort and convenience. Face it, if a gun is not comfortable to carry, you probably won’t.

Do I love my old Ruger P-90 Stainless & Alloy brick. Of course I do. It’s accurate, easy to shoot and more than adequate for any situation. No. It’s not for sale. But do I really want to carry it all day long in Arkansas August under a Shoot-Me-First vest. Only at an IDPA match. Even then I’d probably rather carry my lightweight commander.

I carry all day. Every day. I learned years ago on the streets of Little Rock and Memphis that victimhood is a poor option.

When I’m Off to Wally-World, a better option is a good dependable compact. My Officer’s model or my P-11 are both likely to sit in a pocket holster. If not, there is a snubby on my person with at least one speed strip.

Size really does matter. Meek don’t mean weak.