FireArm Friday: Florida crime trending down while California skyrockets! All explained by one key difference.

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‘Pro-law enforcement, pro-law and order’ state leaders lead to lower crime, a policy expert argues

(FOX) – California’s spiking violent-crime rate can be attributed to liberal district attorneys in big cities who promote a “culture of lawlessness,” while Florida’s “law and order” policies have yielded lower crime, according to one crime control policy expert. 

“If [California] had law and order DAs, if you had a governor of California – like previous governors, including Reagan – who were pro-law enforcement, pro-law and order, and were hammering [DAs] George Gascon and Chesa Boudin and Pamela Price campaigning for law and order DA candidates, you wouldn’t have the disparity between Florida and California in terms of crime rates,” Heritage Senior Legal Fellow Cully Stimson told Fox News Digital in a phone interview this week.

The FBI released its annual national crime data this month, which analyzed 2022’s crime trends, and found violent incidents decreased by 1.7% last year when compared to 2021. Violent crimes are defined as incidents such as rape, robberies, armed assault and homicide. Murders and…

Florida crime trending down while California skyrockets explained by one key difference: expert | Fox News