How to Stockpile Foods With a Long Shelf Life

(Everywhere else they call prepping nuts and paranoia. Down South we call it getting ready for hurricane season and ice storms. With the treat of civil unrest with every traffic stop and bare-shelves biden in charge, it’s more important now than ever- DD)

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(NOQ Report) It behooves most Americans to start building up a personal food supply if they haven’t already. Some are new to the process, so here are some tips on how to get started.
For today’s (long overdue) episode of Late Prepper, I referenced the article below by Kevin Hughes at Natural News. As I noted in the show, I don’t completely agree with everything that’s in the article but it’s a good starting point, especially for those who are truly late to the game. Here’s my show followed by Kevin’s article…
Stockpiling foods that can last for weeks or years is not just a smart way of beating rising food costs. It can also help you save money and be prepared for emergencies.
In the event of a long power outage, having even a small supply of long-shelf life foods, such as dry goods, canned goods and freeze-dried foods, can make a big difference. You’ll also be grateful to have a little extra food at home when you get sick and can’t go out to buy groceries. Because of inflation and rising food prices, keeping shelf-stable foods is a good investment.
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Tips for stocking up on food…

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