joe is Year’s Top Firearms Salesman

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Joe Biden, Once Again, Is America’s Top Firearms Salesman

(RYAN LEDENDECKER, PJ Media) We used to joke around that former President Barack Obama was the undisputed top firearms salesman in U.S. history, back when we thought we had real problems. I mean, yeah, things were bad, but nothing like it is now under President Joe Biden, whose policies have led to a continued record number of guns sold monthly.
Americans are cutting back on virtually everything to be able to pay crucial bills like their mortgage, rent, car payments, and energy bills. That’s because Biden’s nasty, out-of-control inflation, and the Fed hiking interest rates to tackle the inflation problem, means less money spent on pretty much anything that’s not necessary.
While firearms were once sort of a luxury purchase, America’s crime rates have soared so high under Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies that guns are now viewed by many as an absolute necessity. With defunded police departments and violent criminals not being held accountable by the system, a law-abiding citizen with a gun might very well be the new de facto police force in America. It’s really gotten that bad…Read the rest