Man gets $21 Grand for 3-D Printed Guns at NY Buy-Back

(Sometimes gaming the system is a good thing. I especially like how some expose the idiocy of gun buy-backs by selling home made guns that ere never bought. Others stand outside with a little extra cash and happily pick up a few bargains, even a few collectors items at fire sale prices. – DD)
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Man says he was paid $21,000 for trading in 3D-printed guns at government buyback event, New York attorney general responds

(The Blaze) A New York man claimed that he was paid $21,000 for trading in 3D-printed guns at a government buyback event.
A man who identified himself as “Kem” noticed that the New York attorney general’s office was holding a gun buyback event at the Utica Police Department on Aug. 27. Kem allegedly 3D-printed dozens of guns on a $200 3D printer he got for Christmas.
Kem told WKTV, “I 3D-printed a bunch of lower receivers and frames for different kinds of firearms.”
The man reportedly drove six hours to the Utica Police Department to trade in the firearms.
Kem said, “And he sees the tote and says, ‘how many firearms do you have?’ And I said, ‘110.’”…Read the rest