Taliban Got $7B in Military Equipment, Yet Biden Chooses To Target American Gun Owners

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(Trending Politics) As President Joe Biden braces for his dismal prime-time, Thursday lecture on “how bad we are” and following his libelous anti-MAGA gun law address in Pennsylvania on Monday, the context of POTUS’ statements will be ineptitude and disrespect for America’s interests.
The Department of Defense Inspector General’s report released this month clarifies the financial impact of Biden’s botched pullout from Afghanistan. Nearly all US armaments were evacuated or destroyed, but Afghanistan’s old government had $7.12 billion in US taxpayer-supplied merchandise before it collapsed. The DODIG confirms that the Taliban took much of this equipment. The Taliban’s arsenal includes aircraft, vehicles, guns, and other equipment.
Previous claims from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) outline facts. The previous Afghani government abandoned US-supplied Black Hawk helicopters, light aircraft, 2,000 Humvees, 7,000 machine guns, 20,000 grenades, 1,300 rocket launchers, and satellite phones. But wait! Americans delivered 600,000 guns, principally M4 rifles, to Afghani forces, replacing the Russian-made AK-47s used by Taliban fighters all through the 20-year battle…Read the rest