Why Everyone, Prepper or Not, Should Build Up Their Food Supply Immediately

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For those who need convincing, I laid out the reasons to be concerned. For those who are already convinced, I laid out a plan to move forward.

(NOQ Report) Food is far more expensive today than it was a year ago. The chances of it being cheaper this time next year are slim considering the economic trajectory of the nation. In fact, some of the more aggressive economic doomsayers are projecting massive increases in certain foods, especially proteins. We’re already seeing this with eggs. Chicken and beef are next.

For those who have been keeping up with “conspiracy theories” about The Great Reset, multiple manufactured crises, and the globalist elite cabal’s depopulation and control agenda, we know one of the near-term goals of the Powers and Principalities is to force as many people as possible to depend on lab-grown meats and insects as their primary sources of protein. But one does not need to be a “conspiracy theorist” to realize the climate change cult is gaining influence and pushing for a meatless society.

Whether through distrust of our financial futures or by heeding the warnings of conspiracy theorists, it behooves Americans to build up their accessible food supplies as soon as possible. This should be a top priority, which means if you have to cancel your Netflix subscription to squeeze out a little more food to store…

Why Everyone, Prepper or Not, Should Build Up Their Food Supply Immediately