7 Civil War Battle Streamers Modern-Day US Army Units Will Be Forced to Remove

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(Military.Com) We may not fly our unit flags into battle these days, but the unit guidon is still an important military tradition. Atop those flags are battle streamers, also known as campaign streamers, long, distinctively colored ribbons bearing the names of battles or campaigns in which a unit participated.
There’s nothing controversial about streamers noting the names of storied places from the past 200-plus years of American conflicts. These are places like Guadalcanal and Chateau-Thierry, or campaigns like Operation Iraqi Freedom. The conflict that does attract attention is the most uniquely American one: the Civil War.
A number of U.S. military units in operation today date back to the days of the Civil War — and 48 of them were not on the winning side. Still, they were in storied battles and today carry the appropriate battle streamer, which is colored gray to indicate they were part of the Confederate Army.
The Naming Commission, a panel of current and former military leaders tasked with reviewing and eliminating the legacy of the Confederacy in the U.S. military, has found 457 Confederate battle streamers atop unit guidons and is recommending they be removed…Read the rest