A Morsel of Genuine History

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“A Morsel of genuine History, a thing so rare as to be always valuable.”

—Thomas Jefferson

(Clyde Wilson, The Abbeville Institute)

Recently a young professor wrote that Confederates had slandered and “dehumanised” Northern soldiers by giving them an unfavourable image.  Dehumanisation.  How awful and unfair! Those righteous Northern soldiers having their feelings hurt by mean old Southerners.

A relevant fact is that the Yankees had been “dehumanising” Southerners viciously for thirty years before the war.   Emerson said that the inmates of the Boston jail were better people than Southern leaders.  This type of thing was said thousands of times in speeches, sermons, and newspapers.  Obviously they had dehumanised Southerners, else they could not have made  vicious war on those who were supposedly their fellow Americans.

Thus evil Southerners are at fault for criticizing righteous Northern soldiers just because they had robbed and burned out their women and children.  Young historians are industrious in picking out new Southern evils without context.  It is a good career move.

I understand that in Pennsylvania they are changing memorials of the Gettysburg campaign from reference to two armies into charges about “invasion” of their country.  These people seem unconscious of the fact that…

A Morsel of Genuine History – Abbeville Institute