Adam Washington Ballenger Camp SCV responds to order to remove flagpole along I-85

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(Dixie Drudge) The response is as follows:
“In Petersburg, Virginia, the July 30th, 1864 pre-dawn stillness was shattered by a massive explosion opening the Union attack upon Confederate defenses. The Battle of the Crater ensued, and by the end of the day Spartanburg County lost more men in a single day of war than she had ever before. That explosion was underneath the 18th and 22nd South Carolina Regiments. These units, mostly from the Upstate of South Carolina, experienced immediate and devastating
losses. At the end of the day, only 1 man answered roll call from 18th S.C. Infantry Company A, only 2 from 22nd S.C. Infantry Company B, and only 3 from 22nd S.C. Company C.
The Adam Washington Ballenger Camp 68 of the Sons Of Confederate Veterans recently erected a large flag pole on its property along I-85 for the purpose of remembering and honoring those soldiers who answered the call of South Carolina during the War Between the States and never returned. More than 250
of them were killed instantly in this one Union offense.
These soldiers, killed-in-action or missing-in-action, gave their all to their beloved State. We remember and honor them by flying a variety of historical flags under
which they fought. This includes the flag of the State of South Carolina that flew on the pole for the past months. Camp 68 is currently flying the Confederate
Naval Jack and will continue to alternate the flags that it flies. The Camp looks forward to providing an array of historical flags and hopes that their presence spurs further interest of our citizens in the rich history of Spartanburg County and South Carolina.”

-The Adam W. Ballenger Camp 68 Veterans Memorial Park

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