Another Gov’t Supremacist calls for your Death. Where’s Outrage?

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Insane: Far-Left Commentator Suggests Treating American Dissidents like al-Zawahiri
(Trending Politics) Now that Biden’s “win” of getting something approaching a deal done with Manchin has come and passed and the left is back on the defensive, they’re reverting to the usual “mug domestic terrorists” lines used to crack down on dissent online and treat those who are against the “current thing” like terrorists.
Further, they now have an example of “how to treat terrorists” that they can relate to: Slow Joe’s CIA killing the al-Qaeda leader that replaced Osama bin Laden, al-Zawahiri.
And, in a move that should be surprising to no one who watched the utter meltdown that followed the Capitol riot on January 6th and all the pledges to treat the trespassers like crazies that attempted a coup or civil war, now they’re saying that political dissidents need to be treated like al-Zawahiri.
Such is what Trevor Noah did on a recent segment of his show…

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