anti-Southern Bigots Are Gonna Hate

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Our Hate Confederates Moment

(Clyde Wilson,The Abbeville Institute) The Confederacy makes up a sizable and interesting chunk of American history. Not only interesting but often regarded as admirable. Admiration for the Confederacy’s brave struggle against great odds and its noble leaders has lasted for generations and is worldwide. Its admirers have even included some of the best of the men who fought against it.

Wiping the Confederacy from American history, a currently mobilised campaign, or dismissing it by a shallow slogan like “treason,” is to make our history incomprehensible. It is like omitting Winston Churchill from British history or Bolivar from Latin American history.

The present destruction of memorial works of art and digging up of dead Americans of other times is an entirely trumped up crusade. It reflects no genuine public feeling. Has anybody ever been genuinely “hurt” by such monuments? I doubt it, but even so, uninformed emotions do not justify the government’s destruction of other peoples’ history. The demand for such is the behaviour of Communists and jihadists who are demonstrating their political dominance–their ability to control what we know about ourselves and our past.

The Hate-Confederates show their shallowness by ignorance of an essential…

Our Hate Confederates Moment – Abbeville Institute