Buncombe County (Commision) votes to support changing ‘Clingmans Dome’ name

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(Citizen Times) ASHEVILLE – Buncombe County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously on Aug. 2 to support renaming the Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s "Clingmans Dome" to “Kuwohi,” its Cherokee name.
The name is translated “the place of mulberries” and was used by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians to refer to the highest peak in the area long before it became part of a national park or was referred to as “Clingmans Dome” after North Carolina senator Thomas Lanier Clingman.
Clingman was a brigadier general in the Confederate Army and is buried in Asheville, according to the U.S. House of Representatives History, Art, and Archives. The “dome” named after him is on the North Carolina-Tennessee border and sits at 6,643 feet elevation….
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