Cancelling Out Our History And Heritage

(As one of my school teachers used to warn. “Fool’s names and fool’s faces are often seen in public places!” – DD)

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(Al Benson, Revised History) In an article written by Paul Craig Roberts and published on 2/5, Mr. Roberts stated, in part, “Museums are custodians of a culture’s history and art, as the United States was settled by white ethnicities from Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe, the history and art in museums reflects the culture of white people. The problem is that half a century of nonwhite immigration has racially diversified and multiculturalized the United States into a tower of Babel, and the Eurocentric tradition did not take into account ‘racial equity.’ In short, the collections are white and white is racist.”

He also observed: “New requirements for law schools amount to institutionalizing dogma and requiring instruction, such as Critical Race Theory, on subjects that are unrelated to any distinctive legal skill. So you will go to law school to learn how to be an anti-racist. This suggests that the future of law will turn on sentiment and emotion…In the repositories of our…

Cancelling Out Our History And Heritage | revisedhistory