Charleston’s military history spans more than 350 years…

(At least, it is until the Canker of Commerce censors the rest of it. Southern history is not just five years. It’s five hundred! – DD)

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And much of it is easy to reach!

(Post & Courier) – Charleston is awash in military history.

From the very first landing of European settlers in 1670 to the U.S. effort to support allies during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, military elements are part of the fabric of the Lowcountry.

Around the region and downtown there are reachable historic sites of all kinds and all periods.

Pick your interests: the original English landing site at Charles Towne Landing (now a state park), the American Revolution, the Civil War, both World Wars and up to modern times where the Pentagon’s presence is featured through vital work at secure Joint Base Charleston.

A special area of interest that the state is gearing up for is South Carolina’s Sestercentennial (250 years) celebration of the 1775-81 war for independence from England.

The city of Charleston fell to British forces on May 12, 1780. A remnant of the battle can still be seen in the slab of shell-spackled rock in Marion Square that was once a piece of a tabby fort there.

The so-called “Horn Work” was a walled-off, moated, 8-acre bulwark that held 18 of the Americans’ largest guns behind a gate wide enough that Gen. William Moultrie rode through at a full gallop…

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