Charlottesville statue trial postponed

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(Richmond.Com) The trial to determine the fate of Charlottesville’s statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee has been postponed.

A one-day bench trial had been scheduled for Wednesday, but according to multiple sources the city’s attorney Richard Milnor has fallen ill. The trial now is scheduled for Feb. 16.

“We are obviously disappointed that the trial won’t take place tomorrow,” attorney Christopher R. Tate said in a statement on Tuesday. “But an attorney is presently unwell and couldn’t participate. These things happen. We’ve been lucky enough to reschedule the case for the 16th of this month, and we’ll be ready for trial then.

Tate represents the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center, the group the city gave the statue to in 2021, after it became a lightning rod for controversy when a series of efforts to have it removed in 2017 attracted the ire of…

Charlottesville statue trial postponed