Commission postpones vote on Censoring Davis Bridge in the Name of Freedom

(Censorship for Freedom, War for Peace, F___ing for Chastity, All the same old doublespeak. Orwell is alive and Well! They delayed their vote for only a half-dozen heritage defenders. Of course we know they will hold that vote later after the excitement dies down or go into a closed session because it’s such "an emotional issue." Our heritage will be censored because the almighty chamber pot of commerce says so. That’s the way these mini-tyrants work. Stay vigilant and keep the skeer on Augusta! – DD)
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Commission postpones vote on ‘Freedom Bridge’

(Augusta Press) The Augusta Commission postponed voting Tuesday on whether to rename the Fifth Street Bridge the "Freedom Bridge" after a half-dozen opponents spoke of the need to preserve its designation as the Jefferson Davis Memorial Bridge.
The speakers offered various reasons for not removing brass plaques…Read the rest