Confederate monument in front of Mercer Law vandalized (Macon, GA)

(I wonder what the MSM would say if we started tearing down those offensive yankee memorials that litter OUR landscape like an unwanted sweetgum thicket? Would it be that same sweet sympathetic feel-good vibe that they gave to the vandals of Silent Sam? – D)
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(WGXA) — An engraved stone monument that stands in front of the Mercer Law campus was pulled over and broken.
WGXA became aware after a viewer called a tip into the station and our news team was able to go to the site, where we observed the monument had been knocked over and broken. The posts were previously buried several inches into the ground. The entire monument has been uprooted. Once it fell over, the posts on both sides broke in half.
Macon-Bibb County has advised us that the monument belongs to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to whom WGXA has reached out and is awaiting a response…

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