Confederate statue moved to Potters Field (Daviess Co, KY)

(Messenger-Inquirer) The confederate monument that sat outside the Daviess County Courthouse for more than a century was moved to Potters Field on Thursday and will soon belong to the Owensboro Museum of Science and History, Daviess County Judge-Executive Al Mattingly said.

Mattingly spoke about the statue during Tuesday’s Fiscal Court meeting, updating the public about its whereabouts and proposing the transfer to the museum.

“I would propose without objection that Daviess County Fiscal Court prepare the papers necessary to turn the statue over to the Museum of Science and History, which is where it should have been to begin with,” he said. “This will give them care, control and custody.”

No vote was necessary to transfer the possession of the statue. County Attorney Claude Porter said he’d make the move in the coming days.

Mattingly also explained that the statue was erected at Potters Field — a city-owned cemetery purchased in 1873 for people whose families had no money to bury them…

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