Cultural Marxists Rename Lake Pelham VA

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Lake Culpeper replaces Confederate’s name on town reservoir

(Fredricksburg Free Lance Star) Lake Culpeper, it is.
The Culpeper Town Council voted 5–4 Tuesday night to remove the name of a Confederate artillery officer as the label for its main reservoir, Lake Pelham.
Confederate artillery officer John Pelham, an Alabama native, died in Culpeper at 24 after being wounded in 1863’s Battle of Kelly’s Ford, fought in Culpeper on St. Patrick’s Day. The council’s decision to do away with his name for the lake ends a 20-month debate in the community.
Adopting the name Lake Culpeper would be “a great compromise,” Town Councilwoman Jamie Clancey said during Tuesday’s meeting.
“It’s very representative of Culpeper as a whole,” Clancey said of the new name, which was proposed last year by Vice Mayor Billy Yowell. “Let’s meet in the middle.”
Yowell supported the new name again Tuesday night with his vote, but did not publicly comment. Also supporting the name change were council members Travis Brown, Meaghan Taylor, Mayor Frank Reaves Jr. and Clancey…Read the rest