Double Standard for “Choice” Terrorists

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‘You Need To Follow The Law’: Ted Cruz Grills DOJ Official On The Handling Of Pro-Abortion Attacks

(Daily Caller) epublican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz grilled the Assistant Attorney General of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Criminal Division, Kenneth Polite, over the handling of pro-abortion attacks during a Wednesday Senate hearing.
Cruz expressed concerns that the DOJ is “politicizing the enforcement of justice” following their handling of the vandalisms and fire bombings on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers across the country. He said there have been at least 82 attacks against pro-life institutions as of July 27, where they have been covered in red paint, graffiti and egged by “pro-abortion radicals.”
Despite these attacks, the DOJ established a “Reproductive Rights Task Force” on July 12, Cruz said.
“I have zero doubt that if pro-life supporters were vandalizing and firebombing abortion clinics across the country, DOJ would declare it a national emergency, and you might as well send out the National Guard,” Cruz said. “But because your politics and the politics of the agency you work with happen to agree with the vandals, there has been no task force, there has been no priority. Why is that?”…Read The rest