Efforts to preserve Confederate monuments are not hate speech

H.K. Edgerton: Cancel culture is the real ‘hate’ — not efforts to preserve monuments

(H.K. Edgerton, Florida Times Union) First, I want to thank the people of Jacksonville for the warm welcome as I walked your streets with my Confederate battle flag on Dec. 6. I look forward to coming back soon.

But now, a message for Mayor Curry: Flying a flag over a football game with a legitimate and reasonable position on historic monuments is not “hate.” However, social media threats, verbal insults and threats by cancel culture activists do constitute hate, which is constantly aimed at the Southern heritage community.

Accusing us of “hate” while ignoring anti-monument haters does not further an amicable resolution of monument issues.

As for The Florida Times-Union, it is not helpful to use Southern Poverty Law Center distortions of the early career of our spokesman, Kirk D. Lyons. Anyone that knows Kirk knows for a fact that he is not a white supremacist. His many clients of African ancestry — as well as any of my fellow Black Confederate colleagues — know him to be a fair, Christian gentleman.

Cancel culture is a cancer threatening American…

Efforts to preserve Confederate monuments are not hate speech