Even After Vote Victory Matthews Co Still Struggling to Protect Heritage

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A Virginia county maneuvers to protect a Confederate statue at its courthouse

(Washington Post) MATHEWS, Va. — A referendum last fall on whether to preserve the Confederate statue outside this county’s historic 1830 courthouse was resounding, with more than 80 percent of voters in favor. But some worried that the monument’s prominent public location still wasn’t safe.
So the Mathews County Board of Supervisors is considering a more permanent solution: Deed the municipal ground under the statue to a private group, such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to protect it from future changes in public sentiment.
Of all the reckonings with icons of the Lost Cause that have gripped Virginia for the past two years — from Charlottesville deciding to melt down Robert E. Lee to Richmond loaning other bronze generals to a museum in California — this is a new twist, a sign of the enduring power of the Civil War’s legacy.
Officials at the state’s Department of Historic Resources said they are not aware of any other locality in Virginia exploring such a step. Opponents say giving control over a public site to a private heritage group sets an alarming precedent.Read the rest