Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area to be renamed

(They get stoopider by the day. The recreation area is named after a location, not a person. Since the feds make the maps, the next illogical step is… – DD)

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(WECT) – The Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area will be renamed the Blakeslee Air Force Recreation Area effective Friday, June 30.

The announcement was made by 4th Fighter Wing leadership and follows a recommendation for a name change by the congressional Naming Commission.

“The new name was chosen to honor Col. Donald James Matthew Blakeslee, a flying ace who had more than 15 aerial kills and two ground kills. He flew more than 500 operational sorties and accumulated 1,200 combat hours – an American record. Blakeslee flew more combat missions against the Luftwaffe than any other American fighter pilot in World War II,” the U.S. Air Force announcement states.

The Air Force says that…

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