Ft Smith wants to go woke

(A First National flag! Oh, the Horror! Let’s ask a bunch of RINO Hutchinson appointees. I wonder what the answer will be… – DD)
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Fort Smith’s request to stop flying Confederate flag will go before Arkansas History Commission

(NW Ark DemoGaz) The Arkansas History Commission will review this week its first historical preservation waiver since the Arkansas State Capitol and Historical Monument Protection Act became law, and the decision could impact whether Fort Smith will be allowed to replace its Flags over Fort Smith display.
Jeff LeMaster, a spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism, said the city’s waiver request is the first such request the commission has received.
"To my understanding that is the sole monument topic on the agenda for [this week's] meeting," LeMaster said in an email. "… The History Commission has not responded to or released an opinion on the one waiver application it has received."
The Arkansas History Commission is scheduled to meet at noon Thursday via Zoom to discuss whether to grant a waiver for the flag display that was erected in 2001. The display previously featured flags that have flown over Fort Smith since 1699. The flags included the French Fleur-De-Lis, the Spanish Cross of Burgundy, the French Tri-Color Flag, the U.S. 15-, 20- and 24-star flags and the Confederate flag.
Colby Roe, an attorney who represents the city, contacted the commission in August requesting a waiver under the Arkansas State Capitol and Historical Monument Protection Act to determine the disposition of the Riverfront Park flag display, according to…Read the rest