Georgetown, Texas monument targeted by Federal Suit

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Federal lawsuit seeks removal of Confederate statue outside Georgetown courthouse

(Austin American Statesman) A man has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the Confederate statue outside the Williamson County Courthouse in Georgetown should be removed because it violates the federal civil rights of Blackresidents and the U.S. Constitution.
Jason Norwood, a Georgetown resident who is Black, says in the lawsuit that the monument is discriminatory because it celebrates secession, slavery, traitors and white supremacy. Supporters of the statue have said it honors the history and heritage of the Confederate veterans, some of whom helped build Williamson County.
Norwood filed the lawsuit against Williamson County, the county commissioners, the Williamson County Historical Commission and the Texas Historical Commission. The lawsuit was also filed against the Williamson County Grays and Shelby Little, who is a member of the Grays. The Grays are a group that honors Confederates that fought during the Civil War…Read the rest