Grave Robbing in Richmond

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Remains of Confederate general removed from under monument
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — As the remains of a Confederate general were unearthed Tuesday in Richmond, onlookers engaged in a sometimes-heated discussion with a few Sons of Confederate Veterans who also watched as workers finished removing the last city-owned Confederate monument.
The remains of Gen. A.P. Hill were removed a day after a statue of him was taken down on Monday.
The Washington Post reports that workers lifted a tarp for privacy as John Hill, who shared an ancestor with the general, helped a mortician gather the remains in a body bag. Richmond resident Devin Curtis, who is Black, approached a small group of Sons of Confederate Veterans members who were watching from the busy intersection where the statue stood for over a century.
Curtis asked why the men were wearing big Confederate battle flags on the back of their leather vests. They wouldn’t answer. Another white man defended the symbol, the discussion grew loud, and others joined in on both sides, several of them armed.
More than a half-dozen police officers converged…

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