High Cost Renaming Ft Benning to Ft Moore

(This is "New Army" readiness. You can’t even protect your base sign from the Taliban – DD)
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High price tag to rename ‘Confederate’ bases

(Union Recorder) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Naming Commission tasked with recommending new names for nine Confederate namesake military bases has released cost estimates associated with the initiative.
Estimated costs to remove the names honoring the Confederacy — including signs, paver stones and memorials on site — Fort Benning in Georgia will be one of the costliest at approximately $5 million, according to the commission.
The commission expects renaming efforts at Fort Bragg in North Carolina to top the list with preliminary costs estimated at $6.3 million.
In May, the commission proposed renaming Fort Benning to Fort Moore in commemoration of Lt. Gen. Hal and Julia Moore.
The panel explained that during Hal Moore’s 32-year military career he oversaw and led the post-war transition to the all-volunteer Armed Forces that the U.S. has maintained since, and also worked to stem racial strife and reduce drug abuse among his soldiers.
Julia Moore was involved delivering telegrams carrying news of death or injury and also attended the funerals of the men in her husband’s command. Her complaints to the Pentagon led to the creation of casualty notification teams as well as survivor support networks…Read the rest