History is Now “Misinformation” and a Threat to Democracy

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“The United States is in the grip of a crisis of bad history.”

(Front Page Mag)

It was bound to happen.

After classifying virtually any disagreement on contemporary issues as disinformation, the leftist expert class has decided to go full Orwell and declare history to be disinformation.

Some of the nation’s top historians are going after lies and misinformation about U.S. history in a new book.

Nobody has heard of the vast majority of these “historians”. And by “lies and misinformation”, they mean conventional disagreements in the past.

The book, released this month, seeks to rebut simplistic maxims repeated mainly by the right — that the New Deal was bad, the Reagan revolution was good, and Confederate monuments are nothing more than historical artifacts.

If we’re classifying the non-leftist positions about the New Deal or the Reagan revolution was “misinformation”, how long until they’re being censored and deplatformed by Big Tech?

The debates over policies by the FDR and Reagan administrations were hashed out long ago. In a free society, people would be free to continue debating them. But in this creepy 1984 system that the elite Left is pushing, there’s no more debate. Everything that the lefty elites disagree with…

History is Now “Misinformation” and a Threat to Democracy | Frontpage Mag