History of Stone Mountain Carvings

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Finding some fascinating Georgia history during a neighborhood walk

(KPVI) DECATUR — I have long been an admirer of Gutzon Borglum’s monumental carvings on Mount Rushmore. We lived in South Dakota for a few years and made several trips to see them. So imagine my delight when we happened upon a historic marker bearing his name on one of our evening walks.
Karen and I live in Avondale Estates, a historic suburban neighborhood outside Decatur. So, apparently, did Gutzon Borglum for a short time.
Avondale Estates was founded in 1924 as one of Georgia’s first planned communities. Everything in the 1,000-acre development sprang from rolling, pastoral farmland. The streets and homes were carved out of pastures. The lake was created by excavating a depression and damming a creek. And the downtown was built from scratch at the intersection of Covington Highway and Clarendon Avenue — a striking and incongruous replica…Read the rest