In Texas Woke Protestors get held to same standard as everyone else

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Denton, Gainesville protesters get jail time over Confederate monument march

(Denton Record-Chronicle) A trial of the century happened in Gainesville this week, involving a Denton protester and two Gainesville protesters. As part of the grassroots organization Pro Gainesville, they had been organizing sit-ins on the courthouse lawn downtown and marches around the courthouse neighborhood in summer 2020, calling for the removal of the Confederate monument that has been perched high on a pedestal since the early 1900s.
Toward the end of a march in late August 2020, organizers Justin Thompson, 25; Torrey Henderson, 27; and Amara Ridge, 23, had walked about a block and a half on the side of the road near downtown with about 80 peaceful protesters to avoid a big puddle and armed counterprotesters at the end of the block. A few days later, the Gainesville Police Department issued a warrant for their arrest on an obstruction of roadway charge, a Class B misdemeanor that carries a maximum sentence of a $2,000 fine and up to six months in jail…Read the rest