Is the Decline in “Professional” History Dangerous?

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(Brion McClanahan) Leftist historian Daniel Bessner dreads the “dangerous” decline in “professional” history.

This shouldn’t be happening in our society, but, as you might expect, Bessner chalks it up to ignorant conservative hayseeds who don’t seem to appreciate the nuances and rigorous academic standards of professional history.

Or maybe they are just racist. He can’t decide.

Either way, professional history, he argues, is vital to our success as a “nation.”

I think Americans are generally just tired of “historians” like Bessner and other leftist nobs hectoring to them while politicizing every issue in the name of “history.”

Take for example this Tweet from “twitterhistorian” Manisha Sinha, the Indian born “leading historian” on American abolitionism. This is like calling Nikki Hailey the leading American political figure on Confederate symbols…

Is the Decline in “Professional” History Dangerous? | Brion McClanahan Author & Historian