It’s a beautiful memorial, That’s the Context!

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Editorial: Speed, don’t impede, regulations for contextualizing Confederate monuments

(Franklin News Post) hen the Franklin County Board of Supervisors voted in November 2020 not to move the Confederate soldier from in front of the county courthouse, the decision was disappointing to those who wanted the statue placed elsewhere, but hardly shocking.
Before July 1, 2020, Virginia law prohibited localities from moving or removing any monument that could be construed as a memorial to combat veterans. With Democrats in control of state government after the November 2019 elections, new laws were enacted that empowered localities to remove, relocate, contextualize or cover up Confederate monuments under their jurisdiction.
As allowed under the law, the Franklin County board held a referendum to let county voters weigh in on the statue’s fate. In a county with a Black population of about 8%, 69% of those who voted in the referendum wanted the statue to stay put. Though the referendum was not binding, the results clearly reflected the supervisors’ own views…Read the rest

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