James Madison’s Montpelier Gets a CRT Renovation

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(Heritage.Org) Last summer, Virginia parents mobilized to keep Critical Race Theory (CRT) out of their schools. They fought for the basics—reading, math, science, and history—arguing that CRT has no place in public education. The same is true at America’s historical sites. Our monuments, battlefields, and museums are civic education centers, places where visitors can learn the American story. We expect historically driven and fair accounts.
Unfortunately, Montpelier, the historical home of James Madison, has adopted a CRT narrative. Aided by state and federal funds, they now have programming for children and plan to develop an antiracist curriculum.
CRT aims not simply to discuss race or slavery but contends that America is fundamentally a racist nation and that slavery was the driving force behind our origin story. It is a resentment-motivated approach rather than a balanced one that acknowledges the imperfections in our nation’s origins while highlighting its great history. At Montpelier, there are…Read the rest